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1 August 2021

Why Work With The Print Consultants at Evergreen Graphics Group

The print industry in Canada is continually changing with companies merging, selling or closing their doors, while new companies keep popping up and other companies invest in new equipment. In a lot of these facilities equipment lists look almost the same and their own marketing brochures all look great! So, how do you select which printing production company is going to be the best option for printing your corporate brochures, your new product packaging or that trade show booth you need printed for a major event coming up?

The ability to order print online has increased immensely over the past few years with companies like Vistaprint. But do you really know exactly where the online printer is, or the quality of work they produce? Can they deliver on time with no extra costs and extra delivery fees?  Most importantly can you get support when you need it and talk to a live person? Wouldn't it be best to have a local print consultant manage all these details for you? Answer the phone when you call and make sure the job gets done the way you expect with no hidden fees.

In the business market we are continually being asked to do more with less. How do you keep focused on the strategy, creative message and design that goes into a project, along with searching for quotes to determine the best print facility? When your needs change from a quick turnaround, to budgets, to green initiatives, to getting the best quality on a project, does your printer always deliver for you? Are they the best fit? 

This is where Evergreen Graphics comes through. Our Print Consultants take all the worries away from you. It's our job to know what print manufacturing facilities specialize in what type of projects and can return the best results for you, even in a tight deadline or a tight budget.

Our clients think of us as part of their team. We take the time to understand what's most important to you and your business and then we match your project with the correct print manufacturers to deliver. Whether you're new to print buying or a seasoned vet, we'll help you avoid the creative and production pitfalls that can eat up your time and budgets.

Don't just take our word! Hear from some of our happy customers!

Our recent project with Evergreen Graphics was a complete success! Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with and the result of our custom die-cut litho folder with digitally printed inserts was top-notch! I look forward to working with Evergreen real soon!!
- Kerr Industries

Chris and team at Evergreen Graphics were amazing to work with. It was a no brainer to move over a portion of our business into Chris' capable hands. Everything was always ahead of schedule. The best part was the ideas Chris brought to the table. We ended up utilizing some really interesting paper and paper printing techniques. I could also rely on Chris to make some decisions himself and trust that it was one less thing I had to worry about. Thank you everyone at Evergreen Graphics for all of the cool projects we got to work on and all well under budget!
- Stephen Burling, Print Buyer

To work with the print consultants at Evergreen Graphics Group and become one of our customer testimonials contact us today!


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Print Consultant

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