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15 April 2024

Green Printing Solutions

Even when it comes to printing tactics, businesses need to make environmentally responsible practices a top priority because environmental concerns are becoming more widespread. Here at Evergreen Graphics Group, we are committed to advancing environmentally responsible printing techniques and environmentally friendly options. Below, we will explore the significance of environmentally responsible printing and offer helpful suggestions for making your printed documents less harmful to the environment. 


Materials that are friendly to the Environment

Picking up materials that are good for the environment should be the first step on your road toward more sustainable printing. Select paper that has been recycled. This will help reduce the demand for fibres and the number of trees that are cut down. To raise the quality of your printed work, Evergreen Graphics Group provides a selection of ecologically friendly paper solutions.

One of the recent environmentally friendly solutions we have discovered is the use of stone paper solutions. This is paper that is made from stone, with no trees or water. 1 ton of stone paper will save 20 trees and 16000 gallons of water. The benefits of using stone paper are that it is:

  • Tough,
  • Difficult to tear
  • Fully waterproof
  • Fire Resistant 
  • and more! 


Printing that is more efficient in its use of energy

Evergreen Graphics Group is committed to implementing environmentally responsible printing procedures. During the manufacturing process, it is important to make every effort to reduce the amount of energy needed, doing anything from using cutting-edge printing technology to improving the pattern of printed materials. This strategy helps to preserve resources while ensuring that the end outputs are of high quality.



Print-on-demand (also known as POD) is a method of sustainable printing that reduces waste by only producing printed documents when they are required. This innovation method aligns with environmentally responsible goals as it eliminates the common issue of excess production.  This minimizes the amount of unused print and also decreases the demand for storage, space, and inventory, making it a more environmentally responsible choice for companies of any size. While companies of all sizes are striving to reduce their carbon footprint, adopting a POD approach not only helps streamline operations but also supports a more sustainable planet. Choosing a print-on-demand practice, allows businesses to take proactive steps towards more conscious consumption and waste reduction. 


Reduce Waste & Recycle What You Can

Evergreen Graphics Group places a strong emphasis on minimizing waste and recycling whenever possible. Waste paper is collected, and recycled, and environmentally acceptable disposal practices are utilized by the company. Your print initiatives will comply with a circular economy concept if you want to partner with them.  We encourage methods of sustainable design to make your print even more environmentally friendly. Your print layouts should be optimized to decrease the amount of paper that is wasted, and you should print on both sides whenever it is possible. 

It is not only an ethical thing to do but also a smart business move to use eco-friendly printing processes and sustainable printing methods. Working together with Evergreen Graphics Group enables you to have a beneficial effect on the natural world while also providing your company with print materials of the highest possible quality. To demonstrate your dedication to the environment and to show that you are part of the push toward a greener future, you should utilize materials that are safe for the environment, printing methods that are efficient with energy, and green certifications. 

As we continue to promote sustainable practices within the printing industry, Evergreen Graphics Group invites you to join us in making environmentally conscious choices. If you're looking to ensure your printing solutions are as green as possible, don't hesitate to get in touch. Together, we can work towards a more sustainable future—one print project at a time. Reach out to us to get a custom quote using green printing solutions! 

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